Here’s to Hoping…

Nearly everybody felt the wave of impact as COVID swept across the world, some worse than others. Some escaped relatively unscathed while others escaped by inches, and some not at all. Although this past year has been hard in multiple ways, my family is one of many of the lucky ones.

I know I haven’t written much lately everyone, and here are a few reasons why. First of all, COVID has hit us all in various ways, but for most Americans, it came in the way of quarantine. Yes, those glorious two weeks––or more, depending on where you lived––where you had to stay in your house or yard except for necessary needs…(hey, what can I say, I’m an introvert!). So, since most of you probably had to go through quarantine and wish never to think of it again, I’m pretty sure that none of you are interested in hearing about my quarantining experience. And since the only other thing that happened was the juggling act between Oregon and Georgia…I have no writing material. (Sorry to disappoint. And yes, I know most people in America would likely consider being juggled back and forth between states at least some form of exciting…but hey, we all know what my life is usually like, so…)

Second, I know for lots of people this has been probably one of their slowest years, but to be completely honest, this has been one of my busiest. And considering what my life is like usually, that’s a pretty big accomplishment. I was hired for a summer job (which then ended up stretching out into the spring) and then quit and was hired for a second summer job…so needless to say, I’ve been busy.

This is, of course, not to say that there haven’t been good moments, or at the very least, moments I’m thankful for in the past year or two. I got a summer job, made a lot of friends that I hope to keep for a while, and I have learned, again, that life has its own plan for things. So yes, this past year was difficult for all of us. But I can say, that I’m glad I went through it. I know so many other people out there aren’t thinking this at all, and for those who this year was totally and completely devastating, I am so sorry.

But COVID is dying down now, and life is slowly returning to normal again. (Although again, I know that for so many people, life will never feel the same.) So…here’s to hoping my life, and everyone’s lives, will return to normal, so that I can continue providing you with more fun posts about my travels!

One thought on “Here’s to Hoping…

  1. You are very very talented In writing and communication. I may be biased because you’re my granddaughter but I still can see the radiance of intelligence thoughtfulness kindness compassion in your writing it’s absolutely amazing keep it up honey you’re doing a great great job


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