5 Fun things to do in Sisters Oregon

The town of Sisters, Oregon, started out as a post office. The post office was owned by a man named Samuel M. Hindman, who also owned a store and a homestead in the area. When names for the post office were discussed, one that came up was the Three Sisters. This name came from a trio of volcanoes outside the city, named the Three Sisters, or Faith, Hope, and Charity. The name was shortened to Sisters, and thirteen years later, that small post office had grown into the bustling town of Sisters Oregon.

The Three Sisters aren’t the only volcanoes outside Sisters. In fact, there are actually seven different volcanoes surrounding the towns of Bend, Redmond, and Sisters. Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Faith, Hope, and Charity, to name a few. It is these stunning volcanoes that provide the beautiful backdrop for the picturesque town that Sisters is.

Sisters has been a part of my mom’s childhood since she was little. Her family used to come frequently during the summers to stay at Black Butte Ranch, a nearby resort about ten miles outside of Sisters. Though it hasn’t been a part of my life like it was hers, I have been here enough to know that this is probably one of my favorite places. I have so many memories of coming here with my grandparents over the summer, and the fun we’ve had. So in case you decide to come visit this beautiful little town, here are some of my family’s favorite places in town.

Snocap: Again, I’m probably a little biased, but I am fairly certain Snocap has the best milkshakes ever. For example, their chocolate peanut butter milkshakes…..to die for. Or, if you’re not in the mood for a milkshake, they also have just plain ice cream as an option. You can choose from the nearly fifteen different flavors, and don’t worry about choosing the wrong one, they’re all delicious. A recommendation for chocolate lovers: try their chocolate peppermint milkshake. It may not sound appetizing, but trust me, it’s almost as good as their chocolate peanut butter milkshake. Or if you’re not in the mood for something sweet, their burgers and fries are also good. (I’m sorry, but the prize for best burgers in Central Oregon goes to Deschutes Brewery, located in Bend, which is also definitely worth checking out.)

Sisters Coffee Shop: This is one of my mom’s favorite places in town, and one of the most unique as well, due to its architectural design. Established in 1989, the Sisters Coffee Shop was built and decorated to match the Wild West feel and style of Sisters. Its a great place to get a hot or cold beverage and maybe a tasty treat and just relax. The Sisters Coffee Shop has always been a favorite stop of ours whenever we visit Sisters. One of the best parts about the Sisters Coffee Shop during the winter is that they almost always have a fire blazing in the fireplace inside. And for the summer, they have outdoor seating centered around a small waterfall where you can sit and enjoy the nice weather. They also have seating up in a loft area, which overlooks the shop downstairs.

Paulina Springs Bookstore: This is also one of our favorite shops in town. Paulina Springs has books of all genres, for all ages, in addition to games and toys. (Before COVID happened, the bookstore used to have a play kitchen set up my sisters loved to go in and play with.) Another nice thing about Paulina Springs is that if they don’t have the book you want, they can order it for you and get it within a few weeks.

Sisters Bakery: My family normally tries to eat healthy breakfasts, but when we’re in Sisters, even we can’t resist having a doughnut or pastry from the Sisters Bakery for breakfast. And each member of my family has a favorite. For example, my brother usually gets a maple bar, which is not only mouthwateringly delicious, it is also almost half a foot long and quite filling. My sister always gets a double chocolate doughnut with sprinkles, and Mom normally gets a old-fashioned sour cream doughnut or a buttermilk bar. I kind of switch back and forth between different donuts, like the old fashioned maple doughnut. But that’s not the end. In addition to donuts, they also have a variety of other desserts, pastries and breads. (The marionberry scone is their bestseller. If you taste it, let me know how it is, because I’ve never tried it.)

Black Butte Hike: One of the coolest parts about this hike is the view from the top. On top of Black Butte, there is a fire tower that will give you a great view of the surrounding area. Also, if you don’t want to hike the entire way, the option of driving halfway up is also available. This hike is about three or four miles.

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One thought on “5 Fun things to do in Sisters Oregon

  1. Oh yummm I want the chocolate peppermint milkshake, makes me want to jump in the car and drive over just for that! And to see you all too of course, you all are sweeter to me than any donut ever could be 😊


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