Our 7-Day Road Trip: Day Three

Written this summer

Denver CO to Moab UT

My favorite part of the trip happened today. Visiting Arches National Park. Fun fact about me, visiting the national parks in America has been my dream for several years. And Arches was pretty high on my list. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned that, while driving through Utah, we would be stopping at Arches. And you can probably imagine my excitement when we actually got there.

There were only two disappointing things about Arches. One, we didn’t spend much time at Arches––only half an hour at most––mostly due to the fact that I have two little sisters (two and four) who didn’t appreciate Arches nearly as much as I did. Second, we didn’t travel very far into the park, which meant I only got to experience part of its beauty. Nevertheless, Arches National Park was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Out of all the states we traveled through, Utah was my favorite. Not only is Utah a beautiful state––I love the contrast between blue sky, red hills, and occasional spot of green––but Moab also happens to have one of the best doughnut stores I have ever been to. My mom and I were driving through Moab, on our way out, and since we hadn’t had breakfast, Mom decided to stop for coffee. Fortunately for us, there happened to be a doughnut store––Doughbird––right next door to the coffee shop. And since we hadn’t had breakfast, and doughnuts are obviously the healthiest breakfast choice ever, we decided to get a few. Let me tell you, I don’t care how unhealthy doughnuts are, I am never going to regret buying those doughnuts. So if you’re ever passing through Moab, definitely try the doughnuts.

So yes, Utah was my favorite state. Although the next state, Nevada, came close.

2 thoughts on “Our 7-Day Road Trip: Day Three

  1. It was so great to read about your trip. When my children were younger, we left the day school got out and came back the day before school started in the fall and we went to every national park west of the Mississippi, We went to Vancouver, then stayed in the Baniff Springs Hotel and went as far north as Alberta.


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