Our 7-Day Adventure: Day Two

Written this summer

Day Two: St. Louis MO to Denver CO

Today we are driving from St. Louis, Missouri, to Denver, Colorado, and we’ll be passing through the state of Kansas on our way there. I have to admit, I am a little excited to see Dorothy’s home state, the place she was so excited to get back to that she spent the entire movie of The Wizard of Oz attempting to do so.

Well, Denver was…exciting. Our night in Denver didn’t turn out exactly how we had hoped. Our hopes were to have a nice, quiet stay in a hotel, then get up early and get back on the road. Unfortunately, our plans went awry…which is something that seems to happen often.

Almost all night, there were riots going in the city over the death of George Floyd. While I don’t mind the protesting, I do mind how people went about it. For example, looting the stores of innocent people (I still don’t know why that’s necessary, or what purpose it serves), or threatening to light people’s cars on fire. The street right outside our hotel happened to be one of the places people were rioting. To better illustrate this, Dad was afraid our rental cars would be lit on fire if we left them on the street. And because the hotel’s only parking lot was closed due to COVID, he had to wander around Denver at 10 o’clock PM, trying to find a public parking lot, while the rest of us worked on finding space for all of our stuff in our tiny hotel room. So yeah. Fun night.

Oh and Kansas? I honestly don’t see why Dorothy was so excited to get home, I really don’t. No offense to everyone living in Kansas. Its beautiful at first, with its green grass and tall wind turbines…but after several hours of it? I’m sorry Dorothy, but if I had the chance to stay in a beautiful land full of green hills, mountains, and yellow brick roads, I would take it. Move to Kansas? No thanks, I’m good.

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