Our 7-Day Adventure: Day One

Day One: Atlanta GA to St. Louis MO

Today will be the first day of our seven day road trip, where we will be driving from Atlanta Georgia to Portland Oregon. Today will be one of the longest days, as we are trying to get as far as possible as fast as possible. Today’s destination: St. Louis Missouri (MO). Along the way, we will be driving through Nashville Tennessee (TN), and probably stop at a couple coffee shops.

Several hours later…

Okay, so the first day wasn’t as nice as we though it would be. First of all, we started off the day by calling both the police department and the fire department because my four-year old sister had locked both my sixteen-month old sister and the keys to the rental car in the rental car. And so we had to wait about a half an hour while the policeman and the fire department arrived, and then another half an hour while they attempted to unlock the car door, unsuccessfully for about the first ten tries. But finally they got it open, and we were free to go on our trip. Well, not quite. First I had to assure my four-year old sister that, no she wouldn’t be going to prison for locking her sister in the car, and no they don’t have a prison for children. And then finally we were free to go. So…yeah. Our first day was real fun.

So our first day wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. For one, hours upon hours of driving is never fun, but when the city you’re headed to turns out to be not nearly as cool as you thought it would be, well…it kind of ends in disappointment.

For anyone who doesn’t know this, I love history, so I was super excited to go to St. Louis because it is a famous city, home of the Gateway Arch (named so because it is supposed to represent kind of a gateway to the West). Also, the Gateway Arch stands on the bank of the Missouri river, which was just one of many rivers any travelers going to Oregon would have to cross. So naturally, I thought St. Louis would be a bit more historical than it was, considering that its been around for like over 200 years, and it had at least a small part in one of the most important events in American history. But…no. It unfortunately looked like any other American city. And even worse…the Gateway Arch was closed. You couldn’t even walk up to it. So here we are, staying the night in the city I expected more from, waiting to travel onto another old city in the morning. Denver, here we come!

2 thoughts on “Our 7-Day Adventure: Day One

  1. I wasn’t aso impressed with St Louis either. But I do remember bring in a towen where Mark Twain was born, and there were noticeable rememberances of him all over.


    1. We also visited Virginia City later on in the trip, which is in Nevada, and where Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) worked as a newspaper reporter. It was cool, I think it was the original building where the newspaper shop was, and they had a poster on the side of the building telling about the Sam Clemens museum.



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