Our 7-Day Adventure…A Road Trip During a Worldwide Pandemic

Fun Fact: I’ve traveled to about fifteen countries around the world, yet I have traveled to maybe three or four states around the US. Not to say that I haven’t made up a list of places to go when I get the chance, mostly consisting of national parks.

Well, this next upcoming week I will be getting the chance to see a bit more of my home country. My family and I will be going on a week long road trip, driving from Atlanta Georgia, to Portland Oregon. We will be traveling through Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, and finally Oregon. Our road trip will be about seven days long, and will likely be both exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Wish us luck, because the first few days will be about eight to twelve hours long.

Probably for both sanity’s sake (so we don’t kill each other during the long hours of driving) and the fact that we have too much stuff to put in one car, we’re taking two cars to Oregon, both vans. My mom and I will be driving in one car, while my dad and brother will be taking the little girls in the second car. This….should be fun.

My favorite part about the road trip? We’ll be going to Arches National Park, one of the higher NP’s on my list, as well as Zion National Park, also pretty high. I love photography, so this should be a great time to get some awesome shots.

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