Four awesome things for families to do in Dubai

Dubai, known for being the hometown of the tallest building in the world and the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is a great place for a fun vacation. There are white, sandy beaches, awesome water parks, and impressive malls as well. I recently visited this city with my family, and it might have been one of my favorite places to which we have been.
An aerial look at Wild Wadi

One of the things I had the most fun doing was going to the water parks in Dubai. The first one we visited was Wild Wadi. It is located in central Dubai and close by to the beach, The Mall of Emirates and to several hotels. It has fast and thrilling rides as well as slow and lazy ones. There are even a couple pools where you can boogie board and possibly surf.

My favorite rides were Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj, but if you prefer more relaxed rides, you will like the Lazy River. It is important to know though that even the Lazy River has a few sections of fast and sometimes twisty slides.
This is a performance that was being shown in the Mall of Emirates
Another fun thing we did was go to the Mall of Emirates. We went several times for dinner or just to walk around and look in stores. The stores at Mall of Emirates include a Lego store, a Toy Store, lots of clothing stores, a huge grocery store and even Ski Dubai.
These people are standing in front of the window looking out over Ski Dubai
Another mall we went to was The Dubai Mall. It is the largest mall in the world by overall space and is full of fun things to do. There is an aquarium, skating rink and of course an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa. If you happen to visit in the evening you will not want to miss The Dubai Fountain, which even hosts a light show from 6-11pm nightly.
This is one of the tanks you can look at from outside the aquarium
These people are watching the fountain show from the balcony at Dubai Mall
This is the top of the Burj Khalifa from the balcony at Dubai Mall
 Finally, there are many tours you can take of the city.  This is a great option for families because it takes you to a lot of different places around Dubai and you also learn a lot about the history of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
This souk is one of the places we stopped at on our tour
These are only a few of the things you can do in Dubai. If you are looking for great ideas for a family vacation, be sure to check out these helpful websites:

2 thoughts on “Four awesome things for families to do in Dubai

  1. Like a legit chapter from a Lonely Planet book. Thanks for the tour and resources, and great writing, Kailia!!!




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