Rothenburg: A must see city!

A sunrise and the city square

Rothenburg is a quaint little German town famous for being one of the only cities not bombed by the Allies. People say the reason was because the town was a valuable resource. Personally, I think the reason is they thought it was just too pretty to blow up.

Every hour on the hour, the clock tolls and tourists gather to watch

I visited there three days ago, and it is the most quaint and prettiest little town I think I have ever seen. It has a large clock tower on the town square that bongs every hour, and the city hall is a brown building with columns and flowers lining the upstairs balcony. The houses are brightly colored with scalloped roofs and nearly every house has window boxes with flowers in them outside the windows. The streets are cobblestone and there is a car with open sides that takes people around the town.

You can find almost any kind of gift or souvenir in Rothenburg

Rothenburg has all different kinds of shops. There are shops for pastries, souvenirs, ice cream (those are the best shops in my opinion), Christmas ornaments (The Christmas store was called Kathe Wohlfahrt) and even ones with armor, swords, and all sorts of other medieval weapons.

Here is the woman burning my name on my piece of wood

One shop I found particularly interesting was a toy store where you get your name burned onto wooden toys or souvenirs. I chose a heart shaped piece of wood with painted flowers on one side to have my name on.

Walking the wall is a fun way to see the city from a different perspective

An ancient wall encircles the older section of Rothenburg, separating from the new part of town. The walk along the wall gives great views from above the city, there are even little holes in the wall opposite the railing on the wooden walkway where archers most likely attacked approaching enemies.

These cars are a great way to get around Rothenburg

If you’re planning a trip to old Germany, then you should definitely include Rothenburg as one of your stops. This beautiful, historical and old city is definitely worth visiting.


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